Making sense of numbers and words: Statistical methods

Peter Grimbeek

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Generic stuff

Some pitfalls in using quantitative or qualitative methods

On getting it right or wrong

Also see, A statistical game

Also see: Steps in the analysis of survey data

AMOS stuff

Using SPSS AMOS to draw model diagrams (conceptual/empirical).

Using SPSS AMOS to do CFA.

SPSS Multivariate stuff


Also see Thoughts about MANOVA

Reporting SPSS exploratory factor analysis

Also see additional material about exploratory factor analysis

Other SPSS stuff

Obtaining percentages in contingency tables

Collapsing across response categories

Text analysis stuff

My assessment of Leximancer vsn2 for the Eureka Innovation Prize, 2005 (Leximancer was a finalist).

First steps in using Leximancer vsn2 to do text analysis. This stuff is a bit dated, given the changes for Leximancer 3.0 onwards (currently up to vsn5).

Also see: Using Leximancer vsn3 to do concept analysis

Also see: Starting points for qualitative analysis

Peter Grimbeek