Making sense of numbers and words: Statistical methods

Peter Grimbeek

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This website serves as a notice board and advertorial.

I've now retired and while I'm happy to chat about things methodological, and can refer you to others who are able to assist, I'm not looking for work any longer. However, for the sake of those who might be after some of my historically collated information, I've left various pages intact (see below).

The site links to papers that canvas methodological matters such as:

  • using Rasch analysis to screen data prior to factor analyses (exploratory or confirmatory)
  • using a multivariate version of Correspondence analyis (SPSS Optimal scaling) to generate demographic profiles ala Pierre Bourdieu
  • using the automated text analysis software, Leximancer, to identify categories (nodes, concepts) in various types of text-based data sets, and, more importantly, to view the associations between these via a two-dimensional concept map that uses spatial distance to map the extent of their co-occurrences.

The site provides elementary guides on the use of selected quantitative and qualitative software programs (SPSS, AMOS, Leximancer, and NVivo) either in terms of how to do specific analyses or on how to report the outcomes of such analyses.

On a more personal note, the site provides links to a skimpy biography, an outline of some work-related colleagues and other sites of general interest.

If you want more information about any of the stuff mentioned on this page, feel free to contact me directly.

Peter Grimbeek